Four Blue Cover Books

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Sep 3


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Four Blue Cover Books.


Adventure Stories




E-Books, by Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie




*Parts of the story could be upsetting for young readers.




One-Pennyworth and the Butterfields


Part One: Children of the Streets


And Part Two: A Boy Called Dreamtime


ISBN: 978-0-244-03784-0     $4.85    




*Space Station Venus.


In Orbit Around The Planet


ISBN: 978-0-244-33319-5     $4.77




*There Are Ghosts On Eaglesham Moor


A Fearful Story


ISBN: 978-0-244-07799-0     $4.96




Shoogles Mackay and the Redheaded Witch


An Isle of Bute Adventure


ISBN: 978-0-244-38644-3     $4.98




A preview of each book, and if you wish to buy one, is found on most all main online bookstores: including Amazon Books: Kobo: Nook: Scribd: iTunes: iBooks: Adobe: and the Publisher’s Web Site, USA




Thank you…G.F.M.


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